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Long before computers were used for lettering, Honor Boards were updated each year either by engravers or by lettering artists. Engraved panels were brought to the shop or in some cases done on site.

If the Boards were in need of painting, a traveling lettering artist or sign writer would make the rounds as needed. Each had his or her own favorite "hand" or style; therefore each Board had its own personality.

"Flat" lettering was done by hand with paint and brush, and to add a little extra dimension and value, shades and outlines were added for a modest additional fee. Part of our mission is to bring back those lettering styles and skills through our specially printed flat dye-cut names and dates.

Unfortunately these days many of the older Boards are a mish-mash of type styles and contrasts, resulting from changes in fonts, colors or methods. Some of the oldest and most interesting have suffered from the indignity of inconsistent style or unreadable type.
We've chosen a variety of beautifully designed type styles to both respect the skills of the original Board "writers" and also to continue a tradition of personality and detail.

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