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Cooke & Eaton designers are graphics experts. As professional layout artists, we faithfully reproduce your artwork within a balanced and interesting design, making C&E boards both legible as well as artistic.

With years of experience comes control of detail. Meticulous hand stains and finishes complement a variety of traditional shapes, crests and type styles. The result is that of a fine, one of a kind antique rather than that of a trophy or brass plaque.

Our frames are unique. All include gold leaf edging and can be stained to match or to contrast with the main panel. Detailing can be lightly tooled or include fully carved crests and corner details.

We create all our own stains, then methodically control mixing and carefully document formulas to assure consistency year after year.

The Champion Alignment System (CAS) ™ is an industry exclusive. Customers no longer fear mistaken alignment when updating names.

Name and date plaques are inlaid into the main panel. This assures perfect alignment and stability as the boards are updated.

We lead the industry in typeface detailing. Clients can choose the classic gold block, or add outlines and relief shadowing reminiscent of hand painting.
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